Patrão Pauses

When I took over Hill Top thirty five years back Goa was being tasted by the few foreign guests that decided to explore the unexplored beauty of our land. If Goa was being explored, Vagator was just being treaded on. The beauty was calling but there were few to listen to it.

Hill Top was a four room motel that had a restaurant that catered to the needs of its few guests and some visitors who walked in as they walked past the hill. Vagator was quiet; quiet enough for the waves to be heard. The word about Vagator travelled fast and the number of foreigners kept increasing over the years. Soon, motorcycles were being given on hire and small parties started being organised on the beach and in some place in the hill or what we called then – the jungle areas of Vagator.

It was at this time that I decided to venture out from food to fun with music. Food is good when it is tasty and music is listened best when the rhythm is uninterrupted and it was keeping this in mind that I began to provide music in a safe environment to all who came to Hill Top and in the bargain started being part of my family.

The millennium took me and Hill Top to another level. It was for the first time – and it was reported in many publications- that I organised a 36 hour millennium party and it was through this exercise that I realised that fun can be good if it is enjoyed cleanly.As the years progressed and the crowds swelled in Hill Top , Vagator and the surrounding areas it struck me to spread my culinary skills beyond Hill top and that is how I stirred my first spoon in Mango Tree.

Mango Tree started in 2005 and it has been a culinary exercise ever since its start. Mango Tree is not just about good food but about experimental food. I have tried to be different in Mango Tree and that difference is of mixing tastes with local herbs. Within a few months, the seed had ripened and the demand for the Mango from my Tree was huge. Just like in Hill Top , I had people coming from all over – not just to taste the food but feel the security that I have tried to offer all through my journey in this trade. Having reached Vagator , the idea erupted to go beyond and that is how the idea of starting The Goan Hub in Anjuna cropped up. The Goan Hub started in 2017- exactly 12 years after Mango Tree and with the setting of this restaurant Hill Top was covered in the south by The Goan Hub and Mango Tree in the North.

Through these years , there has been a lot of noise and sound . Tourism has evolved and so has the place. But , I intend to keep one thing going – the spirit of having good fun in an atmosphere where money is not the main objective. Good fun is !

The spirit of having good fun in an atmosphere where money is not the main objective. Good fun is!

Steve D'Souza